Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Galavanax Rises - Episode Review

Cosmo Royale recaps the events of the last episode. The Rangers go to Galavanax who wants the Power Stars. The Rangers morph and fight the Bashers. Galavanax gets the magnet and takes the stars of the Rangers and dimorph them. He kidnaps the Rangers except for Brody who escapes. Red fries the magnet. Mick arrives and helps, they leave with the Ninja Cycle.

The kidnapped Rangers are taken aboard the ship. Monty and Victor are working on a new bigger magnet. Odius wants to destroy Galavanax which the two are okay with but not with destroying the Rangers. So they decide to dress as Kudobots. Brody wants to fight back. Redbot tells them that the asteroid is close to the Earth. Mick says they can melt down the Ninja Cycle star to make a new Astro Zord Star. Galavanax shows he put the Ninja Stars on his belt. The others arrive but as prisioners. Brody makes a decision like his dad did and uses his sword to destroy his Power Star. Out of the smoke come out the Prism with three Red Ranger Power Stars which the Rangers wonder about. 

The two Red Rangers come out to fight and reveal to be Brody and Mick. The Rangers escaped the Kudobots. Brody says the Prism protected him. Galavanax is about to attack nwhen the third Red Ranger takes him down and his belt. The Rangers take their stars back. The third Red Ranger reveals to be Brody and Levi's dad. He says he was injured but the prism healed him and kept him safe. The others morph. The new Red Rangers show their moves. Galavanax drinks the melted Ninja Steel and has more power. The dad fights Galavanax. He is pushed back. Cosmo makes Galavanax big.

Victor and Monty hide out as Kudobots. Monty feels sick because of the alien food he ate. They stumble across the stage and are revealed to be humans as Monty passes gas. Galavanax is defeated by the eight Rangers flip around like Ninja Stars. Odius tries her betrayal but the space ship gets flipped into space for its trouble. The Rangers celebrate. Later, Levi tells his dad how the villains made an android with his memories. Mick makes everyone sad by leaving the planet to go back to the Lion Galaxy. At the end we see Odius' hand coming out of the rubble. 

That was a cool Zordless Zord battle with Galavanax. Everything got wrapped up but we know that is not the end. 

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Helping Hand - Episode Review

Preston and Sarah crash on her hoverboard and Preston help her think of the idea of using it for her Shop Class project. At home, we find out her mom is just like her, an inventor who Sarah finds distracting. She tells her she doesn't need her mother's help. Her mother grabs her battery. A new force field monster has been selected to fight the Rangers. Preston and Victor has a magnet that can attract metal and it ends up attracting almost all the scrap metal in the junkyard. Victor and Monty are stuck within in.

Sarah's mom comes in with a supercharger for her battery. She says it will power it 10 times more. Sarah says its too much. She inserts the battery and the hoverboard flies off. Sarah berates her mom, causing her mom to be sad. In the hideout, some Rangers train and Calvin thinks Sarah was too harsh on Sarah. Sarah says her mom is over interfering. The Rangers go after a monster. They morph. Red dons his Lion Fire Armor. Gold and Blue fight the monster Force Fear. Red blasts him and kicks him back. Red throws Blue and Gold at him and they bounce off the forcefield. The others reunite. The monster will blow him up but they retreat. Madame Odius comes and he wants to be giant so his forcefield is bigger.

The Prism tells them to combine the zords. They only have one piece of Ninja Steel to make a new star. Mick has been scanning for Ninja Steel through the universe. Mick throws the star in the prism and it doesn't work. Redbot gets mad at Sarah, she says she was just trying to help and realizes what she did to her mom. She realizes what she did to her mom, realizing the super charger might help. The villains make Force Fear giant. Sarah throws the star in the prism. Lion Fire Mechazored is formed to fight. The other two megazords arrive. Mick gets the new star and throws it at them.

Ninja Ultrazord is combined. They break the Forcefield. Red gives Pink his sword and strike the monster on his own, They do the Ninja Ultrazord Blast. The monster is destroyed. Sarah apologizes to her mom at home. She wants her to help her with her board. Helping is not a bad thing. Her mom promises to ask her first before she fixes something. Later, Monty and Victor are disappointed with their machine. Victor pumps it to max and points it at the school. An astroid is found to have ninja steel. All the Ninja Stars fly out of the base and hit Victor's machine. This freaks out Mick and Redbot. The villains see this. Galvanax arrives at the school and kidnap Victor and Monty. Galvanax is mad the Power Stars aren't there.

Some good points. The mom's accent wasn't too bad. Amazing to see another parent, last season we did get some parents but it is rare in Power Rangers. We only met Tyler and Shelby's parents and Kendall's grandmother. Here we have met Brody's dad, Preston's dad and Sarah's mom. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Abrakadanger - Episode Review

Principal gives Preston a strange package, its from Princess Viera. Monty shows a video of Victor playing tennis. And a video of Hayley falling. Hayley says she had a bad day. Victor asks who dares to face her again this year. She goes to accept the trophy and Hyaley says she'll do it and it won't happen again. The Principal says it will be today for some reason at lunch. Preston open the package to find an old spell book, dragon wand, a message disk and the Lion's fire Ninja Stars. Viera says he has to read the whole thing and not skip ahead.

 Preston uses spells to help Hayley practice tennis. Levi tells Preston not to skip ahead, he does so and he makes Hayley invisible. They dress her up to cover her up. Cosmo reveals Abrakadanger who turns the Bashers into balloons. He has magical spells that was strong. Back at the tennis contest, Hayley appears dressed like Mick. Victor taunts her. He breaks her ratchet. Csalvin gives her a new one. Her helmet falls off to show she is invisible. Everyone gasps. Preston magically appears and he says it is one of his tricks. Principal says Hayley is disqualified. Victor gets the trophy. Victor's arm comes off as it is a robot arm. Principal calls a rematch. Hayley is depressed and leaves. 

Abrakadanger appears in front of the Rangers. They all jump morph and fight him. He sends Gold into space and then fall back in a whole different spot. He calls his zords to go back to Summer Cove. Abarakadanger is winning. He turns them into toys (red bear, pink heart and yellow duck), leaving Blue alone. Hayley knocks him out and Preston throws the staff away and grabs the toys. Back at the base, Preston tries to undo the spell. Mick says he will do tennis and makes a mess. They talk about how Hayley trained and cutting corners is bad. Preston realized what he did. Preston then learns the spells one at a time. Preston thanks for the advice but Mick plays it off. 

Magic Montage and Preston reversing the spells on them. The monster returns and the 5 Rangers do too. They morph and fight. Blue deflects the monster's spell. Red and Blue attack at the same time. The monster grows and flies. The Rangers form the Megazords. They fly behind the monster and he turns the zords into stone. He blasts at them. Levi arrives. The bull rider robo fights the monster. He uses the lasso to get the magic staff broom. The stone spell wears off and the Rangers use the megazord to attack the monster. Bull Rider Megazord is formed. The Rangers enter his zord. They use Ninja Master Blade and destroy the foe.

Hayley competes against Victor in tennis. Hayley wins the first serves. President says match point. Victor ends up eating dirt and looking like Hayley from last year. Principal Hatsings give Hayley her trophy. They congrat Hayley. Hayley thanks Preston. 

How can the principal give a student a strange package with terrorism and everything without consulting his parents??! Also, putting the tennis tournament for the very day is also unheard of. Other than that, a good ep. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - The Adventures of Redbot - Episode Review

Levi is training in the base while Redbot is writing a blog about the Rangers. He says that they were fighting Trapsaw. They forget their Ninja Blasters and Redbot arrived and he defeated the monsters. Levi  says that did not happen. Levi saw he has followers. He kept all the Ranger secret identities secret. Levi says the truth and tells him that telling fibs just for fun might get him in trouble. Mick arrives saying a strange man is looking for him. 

The students see Redbot and Mick tell him he is a robot project. Dan, a publisher is happy to meet him, he told him he tracked his IP address. He wants to turn the blog into a book. Monty and Victor hear this. They tell him not to sign and they are his managers. Dan tells them no. The two cave in and sa he will take it. Cosmo Royale likes the blog, Galavanax sees this and is angry. Cat O Clock freezes Cosmo Royale and plans to steal the Power Stars from the Rangers. Cody is tied up and they have a press conference for Redbot in the school of all places. Redbot has been informed the books haven;'t arrived yet. Mick tells the Rangers they have to fight the monsters. The Rangers destroy the Bashers with their bikes. The Bashers are stopping the truck with Redbot's books. Cat O Clock freeze the books so when the Rangers touch them, they will freeze. 

The Rangers destroy the Bashers and the truck goes to the school. Levi's super fan gets her free book. Victor wants to tell a story but the super fan gets him to tell one. He tells one that happens during Levi's concert, an Earthquake happens. He fibs about what happened with the girl in it. Victors says it wasn't true. Victor adds even more lies about him and Monty being heroes. She calls him out that didn't happen. The crowd starts booing. The publisher wants to know the truth. Cat O Clock arrives and freezes everyone except for Redbot who was not effected. Cat O Clock plans to steal the Ninja Stars. 

Cody runs after the monster and Rebot unfreezes the Rangers. Levi and Redbot get on his bike to find Mary who is between a train track. The Rangers face the monster and morph and fight. The train is coming and Redbot flies off and rescues her. She realizes he saved her and she calls him a hero.  Cat O Clock was going to attack but they hold him down and attack him. They destroy him. He grows. They call the Megazords. 

 They call Rumble Tusk. They make the megazord. Gold arrives and they go Master Mode. Levi updates them on Levi. They blow the monster down. Brody does Ninja Master Blade and they destroy the monster with their Final Attack. Cosmo Royale is writing his own blog, with lies like Redbot. Galavanax finds out and is angry and blasts the computer and tells him he will join Cat O Clock. Back at school, the publisher tells them he is happy they are okay and wants to recycle the books. Redbot arrives and apologizes, saying the Power Rangers are the real heroes. Mary tells them to see the TV and they have footage of Redbot saving her. Everyone applauds. Mary and Redbot hug and everyone asks for his autograph. The Rangers ask Mick about Victor and Monty---they are still frozen and are snack holders.

It is insane Levi and Mick leave Redbot from the book publisher meeting. The bad guy plot is not so bad but him having a device is obvious the device will get destroyed. Also hilarious hearing the publisher say Internet IP address as I stands for Internet. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Monkey Business - Episode Review

Calvin is late for picking up Hayley. They arrive to school and both Clavin and Hayley want to run for class prsident. Brody and Sarah agree to help Calvin and the others for Hayley. A new monster is copying their voices and repeats them to trick them when they battle Bashers. Calvin does a good speech and Hayley apologizes for saying he was lax before. Calvin still wants to run which surprises Hayley. Calvin gives out cupcakes that are Hayley's mother's recipes which upsets her until she one-ups him with her cake. Monty puts hot sauce on the cupcakes. Then he starts a food fight. The two teams blame each other.

Principal Hastings comes to stop the food fight. That night, Calvin gets a call from the monster pretends to be Levi saying Hayley started the fight. Calvin goes to meet him but gets caught by the monster and his ninja star. Sarah and Brody gets tricked too. The monster kicks down the two and they take their Ninja Stars. Preston and Hayley get called by the monster and they talk to Mick. Mick tells them just because they heard something doesn't mean its true. They bump into Levi, Levi says it sounds crazy. Levi gets a call... from Hayley---which is the monster. Levi has a plan. 

Calvin, Sarah and Brody are tied up. Gold and White come on their bikes and fight the monster. Preston beats up the Bashers in his ninja outfit. White tries trapping the monster but fails. She traps herself and then rises out for a surprise attack and gets the Power Stars. Preston blasts Bashers and save the three. Hayley returns the stars and they morph. The six defeat the monster and he grows. The zords are called. Kodiac Zord does a howl that weakens the monster's sonic howl. Megazords are formed. Back at the school, the kids apologizes. Calvin and Hayley make up. Monty and Victor have a prank. Clavin and Hayley withdraw from the race, Victor stays president and gets the prank dropped on him. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Grave Robber - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Here is the annual Halloween special. Levi is playing a song with the Rangers in the mall... I mean the school. An old lady gives some junk to Principal Hastings, one is a game Grave Robber which Calvin likes. Hayley brings the costumes. The Rangers want to play but Levi doesn't. The 5 Rangers go to shop class and put on their costumes, Sarah is some sort of unicorn, Brody is a mounty or a British guard, Calvin is Frankenstein's monster, Preston is a wizard and Hayley is a witch. Cosmo Royale traps them to sit and they can't call for help. They have to play Jumanji... I mean Grave Robber. 

There is a magic hourglass they can't stop. They have to fight villains they defeated before so they fight Trapsaw, already morphed when they touch the crystal ball. Red defeats them all. Sarah rolls 6 and finds Hacktrack, who took her cloning technology. They get some devices and enter. Hacktrack leaves. Red tracks the monster with a Ninja Kite technique using Ninja Forest Attack while the Rangers help Sarah with a device. She makes a kite as well and flies after them. Sarah blasts the monster and destroys it. The Rangers return to the game.

Preston rolls a five and find the slow monster. They surprise him and fight him. Blue and the monster fight. Blue and the others get the slow mist. Blue still tries fighting but fails. Red arrives and they all disappear and return to the board. Cosmo Royale says they lost and give them a misfortune card. Calvin rolls and gets Spinferno. Calvin goes in on his own since he rolled it. Calvin fights Spinferno in a dump and a truck goes after him and Calvin is tied by a ring to the truck. The truck driver is asleep, Yellow gets in and gets the man. They escape but Yellow misses the net and comes out of the game. Cosmo Royale gives them another misfortune card---they must go against a Skullgator.

The 5 Rangers call their Megazord to fight the Skullgator. Cosmo turns RoboRider evil and it goes after the Rangers. Robo Red goes out to fight Robo Rider while Preston calls the Astro Zord to replace the Red one on the Megazord. They destroy the Skullgator. Robo Rider shoots the Megazord. The Rangers fall out. Cosmo Royale sends another Skullgator. Calvin  and Hayley use their zords. Levi and Mick talk. Mick states the obvious, Levi learns his Aseop and goes to the auto class. He finds the door lock and pries it open. He finds the game. He touches the ball and enters the game. Cosmo Royale arrives and is mad. 

He doesn't play by the rules and saves the Rangers. Robo Rider stops the Skull Gator. The others celebrate. Bullrider Megazord is formed. All 6 Rangers enter the cockpit. They destroy the monster. Gold has the hourglass and all the Rangers blast the hourglass and escape the game. They are happy they can stand again. Levi apologizes by spoiling their game. They get an alert so they go trick or treating because it is night now. 

Best Line-- Presto: "Magic Hourglass? I have to get me one of those." Nice to  have Cosmo Royale involved but he's not a fighter so they didn't have a hand to hand combat. Not a bad Halloween special, sort of reminds me of the Megaforce one since they had to sit around a crystal ball. Nice to sneak a lesson in there for Levi though.