Sunday, September 3, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Family Fusion - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Aidan summons Ripcon to a warehouse to make a deal to distract the Rangers so he can defeat the Rangers. Ripcon leaves. Madame Odius appears and the two easily tricked Ripcon. At the school, Aidan and Brody say they will perform a family song  at the Talent show the dad used to sing. Monty and Victor were going to bull fight for the show but then steal Preston's hat. They are sucked into the giant hat and find a giant rabbit that scares them. Ripcon attacks the city. Aidan and Brody practice the song. Mick is working on the fusion star. Mick and Levi head to the secret hideout and Aidan finds it.

The Rangers morph and fight the Bashers and Ripcon. Red uses two sword against Ripcon. Levi throws his gold star in the nexus and gets his fusion star. Levi runs off and throws the fusion star that gets Red gets. Mick uses Ninja Steel from the trophy when Aidan enters and blasts Redbot and Mick. Levi reenters to find Aidan steeling the trophy. They end up outside in the junk yard fighting. 

Red uses the Fusion star on his swords to attack Ripcon and fends off a blast from him. He traps Ripcon and defeat him. Ripcon retreats. The Rangers return to the base to find Aidan and Levi fighting. Aidan is revealed to be a robot. The Rangers blast Aidan and his memories run back to Levi.
Aidan the robot blows up. Ripcon becomes big and the Rangers call the Megazords. They fuse the Ninja Steel Megazord and Bull Rider Megazord and defeat Ripcon. 

At the Talent Show, Preston pulls out Victor and Monty out of his hat and the rabbit scares them. Levi leaves because he has a headache. Brody starts singing the song when Levi's memories return. Levi comes to the stage and sings the song with Brody revealing he is Aidan. They hug. The Rangers then go camping and discuss. Madam Odius kidnapped the real Aidan/Levi and transferred his childhood memories to the robot Aidan but now they are the back. They decide to keep calling Aidan "Levi," a name he adopted to hide his identity per his father's agreement. 

Episode Review:
Even though it was obvious the Gold Ranger would be Red Ranger's brother, they were clever in how they did it. Jordi Webber is a bit dark skin color than William and looks older. While the actor that they chose to play the robot looked younger and had a lighter skin tone. The kids they chose to play them in the flashbacks had the same skin tone as each other. Anyway that's just nitpicking. Jordi and William make a better fit. Twitter PR Fans --- most of them--- are saying they were crying at the reunion hug scene. While those scenes were touching, this episode still had its weak spots like the fighting footage. I wish there was more scenes of Adian as a robot and whatnot but whatever. But now that is revealed, where do they go from here arc wise? The show works best with an arc not with the monster of the week/the ranger learns a lesson single format.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Poisonous plots - Episode Review

Brody does the opening narration. Aiden has reunited and tells his story. He said he'd keep the ninja steel in the high school. He said he went far away. He said when he saw it on TV, he knew it had to be Brody. Mac doesn't want to show Aiden the headquarters. They seem to be okay with it. The seven train and Aien gets aggressive with Levi. Hayley tells him to chill out. Aiden leaves. Hayley says he just wants to show off. Brody tells them to cut them slack. Later, Levi and Hayley fail at baking. Monty and Victor as always are up top something not so normal. Chocolate falls on top of Victor of course.Victor hardens uyp as a chocolayte statue and they put him on a trolly. Teh Rangers fight Kudobots.

 Aiden fights Kudobots. A female poison monster appears and poisons Brody. Aiden wants to know. Madam Odius has the antidote, she wants the Power Stars. They lay Brody down in the auto shop. AIden wants to use the Power Stars. The Rangers want to use a trick. Mac wants an antidote. Aiden says it doesn't work, they have to give the stars. Hayley has a plan. They get the Power Stars and AIden smiles. Mac scans Brody. Monty looks for Victor. Hayley and Levi run with the Power Stars. Brody walks after them. They take him and tell the plan.

Hayley shwos the Power Stars and the spycams see this. The monsters appear. Odius give the antidote. They put the antiodote in Brody. The other Rangers arrive and are upset. The Power Stars are chocolate. Levi gives them the real ones. Brody is all right. The Rangers morph. Kudobots fight Red. Gold fights the monster. The Rangers then fight her. Gold does a tornado attack. Red does his final attack on the Kudobots. The monster makes the Rangers go down in yet another location change. Blue and Gold fight her. Blue and Gold do a dual attack. They take a selfie. Red rejoins. The monsters choose to make her huge and the Rangers call the zords.

Gold and Red robo zords fight her. The others call their zords afterwards. Gold forms his Bullrider Megazord. The Ninja Steel Megazord is formed and the Rangers don Master Mode. They destroy her. Hayley and Levi apologize to Aiden. Monty keeps looking for Levi. The teacher unveils the statue of Victor and tlels Kids to eat him He wobbles and falls. He breaks apart and shows he is human and thge kids run off. Odius tells Aiden that he is on her side.

episode review:
it was ok but Odius clearly doesnt understand humans as aiden supposedly older not younger.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Galactic Sentinels MultiPortals Issue 12

Issue 12
The Sentinels go to Edenoi to get the Green crystal fragment and find a king who is the Masked Rider. I've been told this is a sad story. Watch out for shoutouts and parodies (Amazon and Hail Ferbus). 

Bounty Hunter

Ultra Knightron
When Taurus, Centaur, Aquarius, Orion and Wyvern combine.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Ranger Ribbon - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Preston takes the Rangers to the Ribbon Tree, the ribbons symbolizes important moments. Calvin and Hayley have one for their anniversary. The tree looks like Madame Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock. Preston’s dad comes with a wrecking crew to tear down the tree to put up a building. Victor and Monty are his interns. Hayley and Calvin are up in the tree. Preston's dad sends him to the car. Brody, Levi and Sarah say they won;'t move. Preston's dad tells Monty and Victor to get the Rangers off which they try with a hose. Preston uses his magic to turn his hose against them. Preston and his dad leave.

Hayley says he has to be stopped. Brody wants to get the people who put the ribbons up. Trapsaw, Ripperrat's brother, arrives to Galaxy Warriors. A trap fails. In the limo, Preston's dad says he is glad his mother is not around to see this. He wants Preston to stop his parents. Levi mentions a restaurant that seems to have been changed. Trapsaw got tricked by his own trap and Brody follows him. Ripcon arrives and Trapsaw is sent away. Brody and Ripcon fight. Ripcon does a double sword dome strike and the two clash and both go down. Brody says he has to train more.

Brody leaves. Ripcon yells. Back at the tree, Hayley and Calvin jump down. Brody runs to the others and tells them about Ripcon and Trapsaw. Preston arrives and tells them to give up. He says his mom is the only one he'd listen to. A ton of people arrive to protest for the tree. Preston's dad arrives and ghets boo. The workmen say they can't for all those people. Preston's dad wants to chop it down himself, Preston refuses to move. Preston's dad says they can't save every tree. A ribbon falls on him and it was from Preston's mother. Dad says he forgot she put it there when Preston was born. Preston's dad has a Heel-Face Turn. 

The bad guys attack. Trapsaw wants to cut it down and wants to attack Preston’s dad. The Rangers protect the dad. Trapsaw left. Preston and his dad have a moment and Preston leaves. The Rangers follow Trapsaw and transform and fight. The spycams record and the audience watches. Blue and Gold knock down the monster. The six do a final attack. The audience cheer for Trapsaw and he is made giant. The Rangers summon the zords and the zords fight. The Rangers don Ninja Master Mode.

They fight. They destroy Trapsaw. A youngman watches the teens celebrate. Galavanax is mad at Ripcon while Madame Odius piles on. Ribbon Tree Park has been dedicated. Preston and Preston's dad have a moment. Monty and Victor fall for Trapsaw's last trap. The young man approaches Brody and tells him he is Aiden and they hug. 

Episode Review:
A basic episode going through the tropes of protecting a tree for environment sake against a misguided rich guy. The episode is pretty predictable but that is what we have come to expect from filler episodes. Also with the tagged-on ending in which Brody doesn't even mention his brother only that he was on the bad guy ship with Ripcon. Glad at least they mentioned Preston's mom is dead, they almost never mention the second parent, only the first. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Why did Power Rangers wasn't a Box Office Smash?

I have been wanting to write this for a while. I've had the whole summer to write this but as you can see, I've been busy with my comic. I've been debating to even do this article. I mean it is like putting salt on the wound. The majority of diehard Power Ranger fans loved the movie. I did too. But we can't gloss over that the movie was not a Box Office success in the United States nor internationally. It tanked in China (3.3 Million) and Japan. It had a $100 Million budget and made $84 Million in the United States and came in #2 the first week and then went down from there. They made a profit but it wasn't enough to call a sequel. The DVD and digital sales were marginal, making number one two weeks in a row but that was it. Fans were hoping the DVD sales would bring us a sequel. So far it is up in the air and not sure. 

Lots of people have told me it needed more action. I can't say it was just one thing. Listening to Dean Israelite's director commentary, from the beginning he didn't want the typical Superhero movie. The movie opens with a intimate view of a flashback to Zordon and Rita as Rangers. He said in a typical movie, it would be a vast view, an epic scope and more elaborate.  They were going for an intimate movie. I totally got that and loved that. But I knew the movie was only going to be a hit with fans. Dean Israelite kept saying 'superhero.' One thing is that the majority of mainstream audience has not considered Power Rangers as superheroes. It's a hard pill to take as fans I know. My nephew's girlfriend told me she dressed as Pink Ranger for work for superhero day and they told her she wasn't a superhero. Now why? Because I think the mainstream expect superheroes to be from the comic books. And Power Rangers are well known to come from originally at least partially from Japan. 

 A lot of movie hinged on Nostaglic-factor. Those non-current fans that remember it from being a kid. Dean said he wanted to capture the feeling he felt watching it as a kid. I think those fairweather nostalgic fans were expecting an epic superhero movie. Going back to what I said about the opening sequence, I expected more. The reason Dean focused on Rita and Zordon being Rangers, I think fans would had needed more details. We didn't get much details in the original show. And having them as Rangers was great but it wasn't clear if Rita was a witch or just dabbled or where her powers came from. Also her motives, which were alluded to but never said outright why she betrayed her team. I get what the movie was going for with the Rangers transforming in the end but having an epic opener would have smooth out the transition that just made the movie not feel like the 30-minute climactic ending was tacked on.

Now Thor did have a limited scope in the first movie and a smaller budget and the budget and scope grew bigger with each movie. But the first Thor did still have epic scenes and action. (Some people have called Rita a female Loki) Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie and liked the intimate feel and getting to know the characters. I am just trying to figure out why it didn't do well with mainstream audiences. I think it was too advanced for its time. I hope it finds an audience in the future but most likely it will just remain a  cult favorite. I desperately do want a sequel, I think the director, the actors and crew definitely need a sequel. Superhero sci-fi movie sequels that did better than the first were X-Men, Terminator, The Dark Knight, etc. Now what could a sequel do to get more of an audience? Be a huge epic, not be too esoteric like Pacific Rim with its dreams and brain stuff and milk the hell out of Tommy Oliver. 

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Rocking and Rolling - Episode Review

 StoneDozer shakes the ship and they introduce new footsoliders. Back on Earth, there is a new Levi West concert. Inside Levi shows the other Rangers the empty stadium. He will be gone for a 3-month world tour. A girl, the biggest fan comes in. They take a picture with his burger-shape camera. Sarah asks if they knew he was going on a tour. Mac tells them the Earthquake is coming close to them. Brody tells Levi they have to go. Levi's concert is to start so he can't go. 

The fans come running in the stadium. Victor and Monty hide in trash cans that are labeled like Recycling bins and get trash on them. They overhear the manager with speakers. The Rangers dressed in their ninja training gear and they spot the new footsoliders. They are moving dirt. Brody and Sarah go check it out. The other three morph and fight the footsoliders. Inside Stonedozer wants to do a huge earthquake under the concert hall. Brody says Levi has to stop the concert. He cant hear it with the loud noises and that his com is away from him. 

Levi sings a song about missing someone. Stonedozer finds Brody and Sarah and shakes up the place. The five reunite and head to the stadium. Victor and Monty break in and are on the stage when the security stops them. The place shakes. The Rangers come in and two take Levi away. The audience leaves. Levi becomes the Gold Ranger. The Rangers help the people out. Everyone runs out but the fan girl cant find her dad. Debris almost fall on her so Gold saves her and her dad finds her. Meanwhile the stadium is empty inside and Ripcon tells StoneDozer to bring the stadium down. The building is destroyed.

The Rangers fly out and meet the monster in a quarry. Gold fights Stonedozer. Gold does a tornado of grunts that goes on top of the monster. Gold fights some of the grunts as do the Rangers. Gold multiples imself and they do attacks on Stonedozer. Lightning hits the monster. Red becomes two and fights him. He throws Brody on top of Levi. Levi throws his sword on him and slashes him. He his final attack and takes a selfie at the same time. Stonedozer then is made giant. Gold then calls his Bull Rider Zord. 

He enters the cockpit and dons Ninja Master Mode. Stonedozer throws rocks on the zord. Brody calls the Rumble Tusk and they form the Megazord. They don Ninja Master Mode and enter the cockpit. They help fight. Bull Rider Megazord combines. He shoots the rocks away. The two Meghazords do their finishers. The monster is defeated. Back at the school, the mayor and Levi make an announcement. The Rangers feel bad. Levi apologizes to the girl, she says the Rangers were amazing. The mayor introduces Levi. He thanks the Power Rangers. He says he will postpone his world tour. They all applaud. Levi and the Rangers hug and talk about how Summer Cove needs Gold Ranger more than Levi. Levi hasnt even finish High School. Supposedly Victor broke every bone in his body and was going to ghet a tropy until Cody unravels him. He is perfectly fine. 

Good ep, cool they got to shoot in a stadium. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Galactic Sentinels MultiPortals Issue 11

Issue 11
This issue is rated T to M, Teen to Mature with some violence. 

Next page is rated M for mature for violence and some blood. 
Watch out for Issue 12 featuring Dex, Masked Rider.